Covid Update on Vaccination

Covid Update on Vaccination

17th of December, 2021

Today, 17 December 2021, the latest figures for those who have tested positive for Covid have again shot up to almost 100,000 new cases in the last 24 hours.

What can WE do to limit the progress & keep ourselves & our loved ones as safe as we can? We are reliably informed by scientists that full vaccination is the best preventative.

The document linked to this article explains where to get vaccinated locally.

However, even if we have had two vaccinations and a booster, that will not necessarily keep us safe & some, for very valid reasons, are not able to be vaccinated.

Please look out for one another, keep social distancing & consider if a journey is really necessary. It seems a long time since we were being told not to give your Granny Covid for Christmas - the lesson still holds!