Time to get on yer bike!

Time to get on yer bike!

22nd of August, 2020

'Switch to Cycling' is a new campaign from Lancashire County Council aiming to build on the momentum of those of you who have started cycling during lockdown and encourage more people to take up cycling for short journeys.

It promotes the benefits of cycling including fitness, saving money and beating the traffic as well as providing advice and information on starting cycling, cycling routes and free training sessions. This is part of the council's Active Travel work to encourage walking and cycling instead of using the car or public transport where possible, which is aligned with current government advice.

Now is an ideal time to start cycling with the school run starting up again and more cars on the road. The county council has put in a range of measures including temporary pop up cycle lanes throughout the county to help people get around by bike.

#SwitchToCycling on social media

Find out more by following us on social media, and you can also get involved by posting your own cycling selfies using the hashtag #SwitchToCycling

For more information and advice about making the switch to cycling, visit https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/cycling/