Speed Kills - hopefully not in Mellor

Speed Kills - hopefully not in Mellor

22nd of August, 2020

During lockdown our roads have been quieter. However the Parish Council is now receiving a number of serious complaints about speeding in & around Mellor - this is unacceptable, but could be dangerous or even fatal.Particular areas highlighted include Carter Fold, on the way to & from the shops, but also all of Mellor Lane & Mellor Brow. Are you guilty? Remember the 20mph zone!

The school holidays are upon us, and with many choosing to stay at home, it is even more important that we think of one another.

This includes drivers, but also cyclists. Please make sure your children understand the Highway Code and that they can judge a vehicle's speed. It is fun to ride a scooter, but the roads are for larger vehicles! Do they always wear a cycle helmet? Do you?

What can we, as residents do if we see a vehicle obviously speeding? Do not put yourself at risk! Enforcement is a Police matter, however LCC Cllr. Schofield offers some advice, in addition to requesting more speed monitoring (which will be taking place soon - locals are warned!)

All residents, including members of the Parish Council,  can access the website  www.lancsroadsafety.co.uk  (of Lancashire Road Safety Partnership).  This website became available from a date in January 2020 for members of the public to report any or all speed concerns. with any evidence of vehicle registration no. if obtained. 

 However,  Cllr. Schofield also received this message early last month from Ribble Valley Police Sgt Kevin Day -  "If I could just ask that any perceived speeding reports are directed to the lancs road safety website (www.lancsroadsafety.co.uk) please and not to 101.  The website has  been created for a number of purposes, but one is to reduce the demand on the police call centres for these kinds of reports. It also ensures that the data is collated and examined in one place ".