Green energy for local communities - a way forward?

Green energy for local communities - a way forward?

9th of October, 2020

If made law, the Local Electricity Bill would unlock the huge potential for more community-scale renewable energy by empowering communities to sell their energy directly to local people. This would have direct benefits for Parish, Town and Community Councils and their communities. Local greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced, and money spent on electricity bills would remain in the local economy, supporting new local skilled jobs and providing more money for community projects.

This is a critical moment in the campaign. The Local Electricity Bill will be debated in Parliament on Wednesday next week (14th October). One of the Bill’s cross-party co-sponsors, Ben Lake MP, will speak in favour of the Bill, then other MPs present may also voice their opinions. Finally the Energy Minister will respond.

This is a superb opportunity to raise the issue of community renewable energy and to encourage more MPs and the government to support the Bill.

Why is this relevant to Mellor residents and the Parish Council?

If a Town, Parish or Community Council, or other community groups, wanted to then they could set up a co-operative or community company, perhaps in collaboration with other neighbouring Town, Parish or Community Councils, and supply locally generated clean electricity to local residents or businesses. Local renewable energy projects would spring up all over the country and thrive where they currently exist.

Think of all the local households and businesses who spend money on their electricity bills. The money could be used in community projects and to support new local skilled jobs instead.

Do you feel it could benefit Mellor if green energy was produced in order to be sold to local residents, with any surplus money produced to benefit the local community?

If so, could you please help urgently by

1.    Writing to your MP Nigel Evans asking him to ‘Please speak in favour of the Local Electricity Bill at the Parliamentary Adjournment Debate on Wednesday 14th October’. He can be contacted by email at [email protected]

There are just six days left until the debate and your help is needed to build as much support as possible.