Dog Dirt - are YOU a responsible dog owner?

Dog Dirt - are YOU a responsible dog owner?

4th of June, 2020

Mellor Village Hall Committee has been in touch following the collection of FIFTEEN BAGS OF DOG DIRT from the field.

Dogs make wonderful companions, however their faeces, as well as being smelly and unpleasant (as you will realise if you have carried it into the house on your shoes) is also a serious health hazard.

Small children, as we know, mix together when they play and do not always bother themselves with hygiene. Dog faeces carries toxicaria worm, which can easily lead to blindness if eyes come into contact with the worms. This can happen if a child gets even a tiny worm egg on their hands, and into their mouths. How easily this could happen whilst children are playing, as they should, in the outdoors.

Do you, as a responsible dog owner really wish to be the cause of a child’s blindness? How often do you treat your pet for roundworms? There are poo bags sited around the village, please PICK IT UP AND BIN THE POO.

Surely Mellor would be a much more pleasant place to walk your dog if all owners acted responsibly. It is an offence in law to fail to clean up after a dog. If you see other owners acting irresponsibly, please educate them!