We Will Remember Them

We Will Remember Them

10th of November, 2020

101 names of those from Mellor, Mellor Brook, Balderstone & Osbaldeston who gave their lives in both World Wars and subsequently have so far been identified. Mellor Parish Council, with support from Balderstone Parish Council wished to record those names and a Book of Remembrance has just been presented to each of the four local churches, (St. Mary's, Mellor, Mellor Methodist, St. Leonard's, Balderstone and St. Mary's R.C., Osbaldeston) listing all of their names. It had been hoped to have the Books blessed on Remembrance Sunday, but, due to Covid, that was not possible.

In addition to this work, one of Mellor Parish Councillors has been working very hard to also record all the details so far known about each of these people. This will soon be accessible from this website and we hope that more information will come to light, which can be added. This may be photos, family stories and details of where each of them lived and worked, before they gave their lives. 

All the details from the book along with other documents have been assembled into a website and can be accessed at https://mpc.mogweb.org. As new information comes to light it will be added to these records. The link is also found from this website, under Local https://www.mellorparishcouncil.org.uk/the-remembrance-project.php

If you know of any names missing from the records or have pictures or other documents concerning the war service of those in the book please pass them to [email protected] or [email protected]