Criminals want to spoil Christmas!

Criminals want to spoil Christmas!

22nd of December, 2020

As if the latest Covid restrictions were not enough, there are criminals about who wish to prey on the more vulnerable.

Please make sure you are aware of the scams & make sure others are too! 2020 has been a year to look out for one another, and needs to continue in that way. Please see the advice below, much is from Lancashire County Council. Protect one another!

This year many of us have shopped on line & will have given an email for confirmation. Unfortunately in some cases an email or phone call will come to tell us of a parcel which has not been delivered, seemingly from a delivery company e.g. DPD.

This will lead to a request for bank details. DO NOT RESPOND. It will be a scam, to trick you into paying scammers.

Report a scam

If you think you have been the victim of a scam or you suspect a scam, please call the Action Fraud helpline on 0300 123 2040 or visit the Action Fraud website (external link).

If you receive an electronic scam you can forward it to Lancashire County Council Trading Standards at [email protected] for further investigation. 

Doorstep crime

A rogue trader or bogus caller may call uninvited to your home with the intention of tricking you into letting them in so that they can steal or persuade you to hand over money for a product or service you don't need or at an inflated price. Older adults in particular are at risk.

They will often use fear as a way of persuading you to have the work done. They may tell you that, if they don't do the work right now, the house may be in danger of major damage.

Help to deal with rogue traders and bogus callers

For help you can call Citizens Advice on 0808 223 1133.

How to protect yourself from doorstep crime

  • Never agree to have any work done as a result of a cold call. Don't make snap decisions and don't be pressurised into having the job done.
  • If you think work needs doing to your home, get quotes from two or three traders. Ask friends and relatives to recommend a reputable business.
  • Ask for the full name and address from a trader before considering dealing with them. Never rely solely on a mobile phone number.
  • Ask for a written quotation detailing all the proposed work and a final price for the job.
  • Only pay once the work is completed to your satisfaction. Don't pay cash. Don't pay money up front for trader's materials.
  • Check the identity of all callers to your home. Ask for photo identification even if the caller claims to be from a utility company, the police or local authority. Check it carefully with the telephone number in the phone book, not the number on the ID.
  • Do not keep cash in your home no matter how well you think it is hidden. Never pay traders in cash as this is an indication that you may have more cash on the premises.