Drugs Misuse - what should you do?

Drugs Misuse - what should you do?

6th of January, 2021

Are you woried about possible drug use in Mellor and Mellor Brook? Residents have noticed drug paraphenalia, but what should you do if you have suspicions? Cllr. Stella Brunskill has been discussing these concerns with local Police & their advice is as follows:

"As requested for the residents of Mellor and Mellor Brook contact details if they would like to report drug dealing in the area.

If residents want to report drug dealing they can contact using the following contact details

101 non emergency police contact number.

NHPT email address [email protected] 

Contact an officer on the Lancashire Constabulary website.https://www.lancashire.police.uk/

Contact Crimestoppers   0800 555 111

If someone sees anything suspicious in the first instant I would ask that they call 101 and report what they have seen and a patrol can be deployed without out being delayed by reporting online.

If a crime is being committed at the time then call 999."

For further contact details, please see Local Section of this website, drop down to Police

PC 3798 Duncan Park

Ribble Valley Neighbourhood

Policing Team.