Out with the dog?? Respect, Protect, Enjoy

Out with the dog?? Respect, Protect, Enjoy

27th of March, 2021

Easter approaches as well as some easing of restrictions which will allow greater access to the countryside from Monday 29th March. Please see the link to Countryside Code, and follow the advice https://www.outwiththedog.co.uk/useful-info/the-countryside-code/

However, we all need to stay safe, and to consider others, including livestock. Sheep worr httying by dogs at this time of year will prove fatal to their lambs, and often to the ewes. You may feel that your dog would never cause harm, but remember that it is basically a wolf! Ewes which are heavy in lamb can be easily stressed, and then lose their lambs, even if the dog has not actually chased the sheep. Any animal mother will then defend their offspring, which can cause more problems, firstly with sheep, but soon cows will have young calves at foot. A dangerous situation, which is avoidable.

Many people now own dogs, particularly as companionship has been needed through Covid, but please be responsible owners. During lambing time, it is much better to exercise your dog away from any fields where ewes are lambing, or have recently done so.


Not only is it unsightly and smelly, it is also dangerous to children and livestock. As a dog owner, this is your responsibility and surely you would not expect other dog owners to decorate your garden with plastic bags of dog poo, so please do not leave it on the ground or in hedges whilst you enjoy the beautiful countryside!